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homepagemainSailleWelcome to Saille Tales, a place to keep my readers and friends up to date and my often scattered thoughts… organized. The blog-site framework is a tool I hope to master, with the help of readers and friends who are welcome to add their comments and suggestions as well as their own observations.

I’ll be sure to provide news of my writing, book releases and revisions and short excerpts of new work for your scrutiny and enjoyment.

Then, here it is: one more writer’s blog. As it grows and the content broadens, I really hope I can show you something you haven’t seen before or help you find an answer to a question that’s been bothering you, give you a laugh or at least raise a smile. Thanks for stopping by.

Please feel free to post comments under our posts, but make sure to complete the math test to make sure you’re human. Since all posts will be moderated first, nobody will see spam posts except my trusty spam-killing assistant and his bludgeon.

Also, I need to address the name.  Saille, (pronounced “SAWL-YA”, maybe “Sail” if you prefer) is the Irish name for the letter “S”. It also carries an ancient connection in the Celtic pre-Christian, Ogham writing, to the willow tree,  not the weeping variety.  These trees are known to draw lightning strikes and were revered in most Druidic Traditions for their strength, ability to easily propagate from a cutting and for their connection to water, the source of life.  Groves of these trees became the earliest religious centers throughout the Celtic world. This very old faith is still practiced in the groves that remain.

Now that’s my kind of worship service.

Willow and Ash trees are also known for their affinity to sources of water. Oddly enough, a Western North American relative, the Cottonwood is also known to draw lightning strikes and wood from of these strikes is fashioned by traditional Pueblo Indian people into ceremonial figures and prayer sticks.

I also like floating around on water, and my surname begins with an S. I haven’t drawn much lightning to this point, but this site may well drawn some strikes from interested readers.

The huge passage burial at Newgrange, Ireland including the triple spiral stone in the foreground, have been reliably carbon dated to being much earlier than either the Giza pyramid, or even Stonehenge.

The huge passage burial at Newgrange, Ireland including the triple spiral stone in the foreground, have been reliably carbon dated to being much earlier than either the Giza pyramid, or even Stonehenge.

I admit I stole the ancient triple spiral petroglyph symbol found at the huge burial barrow at New Grange. I worked it into a vector drawing (for those of us who speak graphics) and turned it on its side. Saille. The numerology of the ancient Celts found three the most basic stable number.  They saw it reflected over and over again in creation. Not a bad place to start for a logo.

I’ve spent a great deal of time in the study of Celtic tradition and religious belief since the late 1960s. Though it is similar in many ways to the traditions of American Indian people which I have also studied and seen firsthand, at least I carry some of the Celtic bloodlines. Family. That makes it much more immediate for me.  Most of my stories involve these traditions and how they still survive in the modern world.

My stories are tales. They involve real-life (though fictional) human beings confronting the mysteries of living in this world.  Sometimes, the answers come from inside themselves, sometimes from other sources, and sometimes there are no answers.  Mystery is something I can believe in, even magic.  No matter how fancy our tools become as a species, there will always be questions we’ll never know the answers to, and that’s as it should be. Knowing everything isn’t in our job description.

My primary vocation for most of my adult life has been in graphic design and marketing. I have limited those activities since my retirement in 2007, to projects that support the publication of books and the additional, collateral materials that help market them. There are several locations on this site where more information can be found. Older articles about design subjects can be found under The Indie Curmudgeon, and more recent under Design Cents.

Enough back-story.  As the site’s content grows, from many different sources, I hope you’ll dive in and swim around.  I should also mention that this is an example of a WordPress page, the open-source, blog site tool that provides a full-featured, very flexible platform to make communication shine. The site Theme is called Titan. Enjoy your time here, and be sure to leave comments and suggestions on how we can improve the site or any topic you’d like to see spun.

  1. Saved as a favorite, I love your website!

  2. Kurt permalink

    Grear writing, made it to Germany – also – keep writing

  3. Thanks for your kind words. Sometimes, procrastination is just what’s needed to refine an idea for public consumption. Don’t beat yourself up!

  4. Mary permalink

    Hey Richard,

    You are a great story-teller. Keep writing. Keep working. We’re out here listening.

    • Thanks — It means a lot to know somebody’s actually out there in the ether listening!

      • Mary permalink

        Well the ether here in New Mexico is very favorable to listening to great stories and the musings of you, the author, in your process.

  5. Mary permalink

    Hey Richard,

    Keep writing. Keep working. You are a great story teller. We’re out here listening.

  6. This is an interesting site, Richard; I’ll be back.

  7. Mary C. Cadena permalink

    I love ancient history of all European countries. As well as the
    yarns of myths. So, spin me a yarn and keep them comming.
    Mary, from Seattle, Wa.

  8. Painkillers permalink

    Looks good. Never knew the Cottonwood and the Willow were related, so that’s one thing I’ve learned this day.

  9. weejeanie permalink

    Look forward to seeing how the site goes, Richard, and the publishing of course!

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