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Book Cover Design Projects


Though the actual, hands-on tools may change, the conceptual tools that deliver your message to readers remain solidly in place. Human beings remain reliable in their responses to visual devices of all kinds.

Cover Samples…

Here is an assortment of selected bookcovers beginning in 2006. This should give a pretty good idea of the kind of covers I produce. If you click on the cover image, a new window/tab will open on the book’s listing page on Amazon so you can read the synopsis/pitch to see how the cover works with the story…

My first book, began in 1996 and released in 2006

My first book, began in 1996 and released in 2006

















pencilbulletMirror Deep was an interesting project. It shows how important it is for an author to thoroughly research the genre their book fits into best. The above design was worked out over the course of two weeks, with several versions and modifications, from the synopsus and description material of her book and her own thinking as to her target reader.. The author was so pleased with the results, she added a bonus to her final payment, but once she ventured into the marketplace, she was told her book was romance, and therefore had to have a romance cover in order to be marketable to that target reader. She revised the cover illustration to a photomontage of the primary character’s face in close-up and a horse below her. I include it here because I was quite proud of the original cover as was she.  But she incurred the time and expense of new design work because she hadn’t really researched her target reader, or made it clear to me what that target was.

RevoltingTalesCover06final online

pencilbulletRevolting Tales had some very unusual direction and a strong, sarcastic element. In short, the authors wanted the book cover to be one that people would be squeamish about picking up. The stories are truly horrid — in content, they are written very well, and the cover reflects that nastiness. It was a lot of fun to work on.



pencilbulletLark was also an interesting project. The author brought the primary photograph to me for use in the cover design. We experimented with several ways to hide the fact that the image featured motor vehicles passing over the bridge span. As this is an architectural London icon, it has been around long enough to figure in the story setting, so we brought a bank of thick, London fog in, to cover up the modern century! Also notice the small splash of bright color in the f=trailing descender of the lower case g — this way completely intentional to bring the eye to the bird and suggest it was flying off the page!


It’s critical for an effective design, that the author communicate as much about their readers as the genre the book will settle into. I recommend that authors research the genre thoroughly choosing books that are very popular as well as book covers that are very arresting to their readers. I work easily from lists as I can view images online on bookseller sites. I can compare the way the cover design moves, the illustrative components and any typography similarities in order to produce a unique cover that will show well in its proper niche. If we can collaborate fully, then the results will be more effective with your readers, which means more motivation to pick up and read your book, or click on the image for more information. In some cases, the cover makes the sale.

PVprelimcover03 PVprelimcover02ialt2

























Front cover for Robert Davidson's latest historical fiction journey

Front cover for Robert Davidson’s latest historical fiction journey













The Yukon Illusion, Historic Fiction, completed June, 2016












Songs of the Osirian, completed August, 2016








The cover for my newest book and the beginning of a series set in Roman Gaul




R.S. Gompert’s newest, June 2017














I will add new samples as they are completed. Please feel free to ask any questions that these samples generate in the comments below.

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  1. You design very nice covers. What do you charge?

    • Richard permalink

      Thanks, Mary. My usual fee for a new project/client is $250.00 plus expenses (such as stock photo licensing, illustration, etc.) I request a $100 deposit to begin work and invoice full details on the back side. The fee includes as many versions as it takes, artwork for both print cover and for online marketing and as many jpeg images in varying size and resolution as needed. Some projects take a bit longer than the usual two weeks, but since all my work is done custom, for a specific book and genre, it can vary slightly. The only genre I shy away from these days is Romance.

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