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Book Cover Graphics Design Questionnaire

Old tools make new tools effective.

Old tools make new tools effective.

Book Cover Project Samples

Levels of Service Available:

Free Cover Evaluation:
I’ll look at what you, your publisher or designer have come up with and make suggestions for improvement as needed. A free second opinion. No cost or obligation to work with me in the future, and your responses will be kept completely confidential. Click here to complete the questionnaire form.

Revision of Existing Cover Artwork:
I’ll tweak and finesse your exiting cover artwork and produce final digital artwork for both a useable image for eBook and online promotion, but also a basic wrap cover for a print version
$100.00 USD

Custom Design or Re-Design Cover Artwork:
I’ll design a cover for your book based upon your specific market, goals and needs. I’ll provide up to three versions and produce final digital artwork for both online and eBook use and a wrap cover for print. Payment for use of stock photography and illustration or custom photography and illustration is the responsibility of the author, unless the author owns images or I can provide free images form my royalty free files.
Beginning at $250.00 USD

Basic Design Services:
My basic design services are available for publishing promotional projects such as collateral hand-outs, spec sheets, logos, promotional materials, etc. They are estimated by the job and will require a 50% deposit to initiate work. The estimate will include costs of any images, photography and specialized typography which may be needed. My fees are based upon my hourly rate of $60.00/hour

Important: A Matter of Rights
Along with an author’s concerns to protect their own copyright to their work, self-published authors need to be concerned about the copyright protection of images used on their book covers. Infringement of copyright is no small matter. You will have to take care of many things a traditional publisher would handle, including securing rights protections.

While adding the expense of securing image rights adds some cost, in the long run, it is much safer that finding images from online sources such as Google Images when the rights are not specified. Careful research can recover images that are not only inexpensive (can be as low as under $10 usd), but carry no useage royalty fees. Several stock photography houses offer images online. I use Dreamstime, Veer Images and Corbis Images, among others, as they offer royalty free images and a very large selection. I recommend an extended visit of each, using their search functions to see if the images can suggest themes and images you’d like to see on your cover. They both also offer illustrated images. If a custom illustration is your desire or a genre-specific requirement and you have budgeted for it, I can make artist recommendations, but the author will still need to negotiate their own price and own the rights to the illustrations produced.

Whenever I can, I offer package deals on certain design projects. These are based upon knowing what the typical steps are, and efficiencies from experience. My regular hourly rate is competitive, but my package prices are not based solely upon an open rate like that. I understand that every project is different and some while similar to others will still require more time and thought to arrive at the right packaging for your work.

Here’s the thing: I don’t work for spec. If you need someone who will work unpaid until you “feel” you’ve got your money’s worth; or withhold payment if a third party you bring in, doesn’t “like” what we’ve done, you should find an art school student, or someone starting out who will do business this way.

All the parties that will be making  decisions regarding your artwork should be involved in all our communications from the beginning, and not added as an afterthought.

I require a deposit up front, unless we have a history of doing business. One half of the package price or one-third of an estimated price will start the work. Even my free consulting and commentary costs me time and effort. Once you send payment, we have a binding business contract, based upon our negotiations before you sent it. In the unlikely situation where you do not wish to complete any design I provide to final artwork, your deposit will become the “kill fee”.

paypal_logoWe accept all credit cards through the PayPal website. PayPal is a very large, very secure payment clearing operation. All our online business has been handled by them since 2007 with no issues at all. To set up a payment account, go to and follow the instructions. If you use them for online payments, no online retailer will ever see your actual payment information, your credit card number or any other personal info you don’t wish to pass on. All you need is a working email address for verification and the source of payment.

If you have any questions regarding my rates and estimates, please feel free to contact me at the email address written below.

Contact Information:
Saille Tales Books
Creative Director
2 Lane B
Huntington,  NY 11724
Email Contact:

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This slip was handed to me when I began my very first job in an art bullpen. It is really important and can apply to almost every business decision.

The bottom line in any marketing project: Pick any two.

The bottom line in any marketing project: Pick any two.

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