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ePublishing Rant

by Richard Sutton on July 24, 2010

This bears repeating. From Steven Spiziks, Sci-Fi Author, from the Blogsite: Science Fiction and Fantasy Novelists

spiziks September 28th 2008

My Own ePublishing Rant

Electronic publishing is the future!  Embrace e-publishing!  Paper is dead!  You publishers are idiots, ignoring this new market!


I love watching the techno-geeks howl and cry about this.  I even agree with them.  Read here and here for some excellent examples.

But . . .

The problem with epublishing, one that neither of these people has addressed, is quite simple–NO ONE WANTS TO READ THE STUFF.

Okay, “no one” is a slight exaggeration, obviously.  Electronic erotic romance (say that three times fast) is thriving.  Some authors of my acquaintance are poised to make a major move into e-publishing their own work because they’re pretty sure they have the e-readership.  So someone out there is buying and reading.  However, such readers make up only a teeny-tiny percentage of the market.  Why should this be?

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