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This is where I’ll feature books I’m working on, new revisions, ideas and books currently available…

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An ancient, family secret invites betrayal. Again.

Change is coming to the quiet lives of the growing O’Deirg family. Their hidden legacy is again threatened as lost family returns to the Co. Mayo farm. The Irish Civil War, now raging in the cities, threatens to pull the family into its grip of violent reprisal.  They are faced with hard decisions and harder lessons. Where can they turn? Whom can they trust to keep their secret safe?  Even the blessing of their remote location will be little help. The world is reaching for them. War is on their doorstep. 406 pages, Trade Paperback Novel List: $16.95 but discounted online The much anticipated sequel to The Red Gate, The Gatekeepers is now available in print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is also is now available as an eBook in many formats from Smashwords. Signed printed copies of the first edition will be available in our Ebay Store. Watch this page for updates.

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Other books, in progress, as we speak…

  • Sullivan. Sullivan is a modern mystery set in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the near present around 1996. Its namesake is a big man with an unruly temper who has returned to his childhood home, now empty after the accidental death of his sister. Odd notes are arriving on his doorstep, and what is that his dog is pulling out of the ground in the backyard? This book is about 3/4 finished in the first draft, with some very helpful comments by several fellow writers from Litopia. I’ll be asking for beta readers here as soon as the draft has been proofread.
  • Troll. This book is about half finished. It deals with the origins of xenophobia in Northern Europe, after the ice has melted and people can begin to settle in again.  The story begins as a colony of matriarchal, cave-dwelling hunters find one of their leaders body, pierced by many tiny spears with feathers attached. There is a threat entering their sacred valley, and they must deal with it. Their peaceful way of life is about to change forever. As I make progress, I’ll add it to my posts.

& Out…

“An intriguing read of Irish life, highly recommended.” One tragedy can be the start of everything. “The Red Gate” chronicles the lives of an Irish family after the death of one of their own. This one tragedy unravels everything for them, and their simple traditional life will never be the same again. “The Red Gate” is an intriguing read of Irish life, highly recommended. Midwest Book Review, 10/2009 “Hard to lay down…” The Red Gate is hard to lay down. A thoroughly intriguing story and character line. Richard Sutton’s unique personal style introducing different characters and situations, smoothly ties in the various threads and guides the story to unexpected conclusions. Whether from close research and study or from personal observation, Mr. Sutton has captured the Irish weather and the experience of muddy rutted roads in a skillful and authentic manner. His descriptions of the people and places are complete and accurate without being overdone. There is a subtle romantic thread running through the book; so understated in fact that the reader is unsure whether to take it seriously. Did they get together or not? . . . I’m not telling. A very enjoyable read. I am looking forward to the sequel.  Jarrel R. Jackson, Author 9/2009 “Highly detailed and wonderful to read!” The Red Gate brings the story of a family to the reader in such a way that they will feel as if they are actually in the surroundings being described. From start to finish, it is emotionally charged, highly detailed with descriptions so real it is amazing. The plot is original, well crafted and each character is brought to life in a special way. There is tragedy, love, emotion. So much but yet nothing falls flat. No reader will be disappointed with this first book by Mr. Sutton and they will most certainly be awaiting the next. Sierra Rose, Author, Reviewer 2/2010 The headline that never ran:

Key to World Peace Found Under Sheep Pasture in County Mayo, Ireland

That’s right, it was found,  but the news was never leaked. Well, almost never. Here’s what we can tell you… On a damp day on the rugged Irish Mayo coast in August of 1911, a bored young shepherd falls into a terrifying, pasture sink-hole. As his father finally pulls him to safety, he finds something odd has come up in his muddy sleeve.  A very, very old bronze bead, covered with stick-writing. That ancient pre-Celtic bead and deeper discovery in their lower pasture reveals an archaic, myth-shattering secret and a promise right below their feet, binding them to the land. It also unleashes a devious threat to their home, their livelihood and their sheep. If Finn, the shepherd, was hoping that a bit of excitement might come into his simple life, he could never have seen how this single event would unfold. Nor with his lack of education, could he have imagined what the secret lying below his fields would mean for the rest of the world, if he could reveal it. Now he and his father must gather all their strength to protect their lives, and those they love from the Dublin academics and their mysterious henchman who will stop at nothing to take the land and turn the secrets to their own ends. Where can they turn for help? Is there any power in the world to withstand greed, arrogance and evil? Read The Red Gate and learn how the O’Deirgs and their allies protect their legacy, save their farm and learn where their strengths lie. In Print:

In  Kindle and eBook Formats:

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  2. People need to express their anger. If you bottle it up, the next thing you know, you’re reaching for a bottle or a gun! Our government, likewise those of the other “developed” nations, is corrupted by the heavy-handed influence of bankers and investment wonks who have contrived to kill regulation and rewrite laws to a more favorable condition for their schemes. If you want a future, this must end.

  3. Marietta permalink

    I’ll being waiting with great anticipation. 🙂

    • Sorry for the delay — took a couple of days of R&R with the family! I don’t have final edit or representation yet for Sullivan, so I don’t have a release date, but I’m going to jump right back into the next O’Deirg book, so hopefully (crossed fingers!) it won’t be a terribly long wait.

  4. Marietta permalink

    Just finished Gatekeepers. Absolutely loved both books. I’m hoping and praying that you will continue writing this series. Great reads from a new favorite author.

    • Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the stories. I’m planning around some ideas suggested by one of my readers, for a book I’m going to call Cora’s Girls, about the family in Pennsylvania, as well as the next generation in Mayo, which will revolve around Claire’s Notebooks. Watch for news as these develop into books.

  5. Thanks for the kind words — I really appreciate hearing from my readers. As an Independent Author, word of mouth is the only powerful way my books can be marketed effectively.

    Now I’ll make a request. If you have enjoyed one of my books, why not take a moment to add your comment in the form of a user review on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble? It takes only a minute or two, but it puts your comment where it will do the most good. It doesn’t have to be more than a paragraph, either!

  6. TaliGlo permalink

    I loved the book , couldn’t put it down. Great writing great descriptions, great suspense! I’m looking forward to Gate Keepers.

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