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New Ancient/Historic Series: The Gift

The cover of The Gift: Voyages, the first in a new series set in Roman Gaul

The Gift — Book One: Voyages was released in eBook formats in November, 2016. Now it’s available in print (335 pages) while the second book in the series, Acorns & Mistletoe, takes shape. The books tell the story of an unlikely conspiracy to steal and preserve some very specific ancient knowledge from the library at Alexandria. They believe that among the scraps  and remnants they carry off, is the key to an ancient practice of travel through time. A Hellenic scribe, a librarian from the Jewish side of Tarsus and an Egyptian Astronomer make up the unlikely stalwarts who venture across the desert, then the Mediterranean and on, past Greece to eventually reach ancient Marseille (Masilla) in what was then soon-to-be Roman Gaul. The telling has a decidedly non-Roman viewpoint. As the younger conspirators begin to realize they are part of a much larger operation already in motion, securing the scrolls and plates and artifacts and getting as far away from Roman influence as they can, becomes their goal.

But, each time they settle down to the conservation and translation tasks they have committed to completing, another threat surfaces or old scores must be settled and they are forced to keep on the move. Through a series of short voyages they believe will take them to sanctuary, they end up right in the heart of the Roman conquest of Gaul. Where what they believed was a dark, trackless wilderness beyond the ancient center of Phoenician trade and learning centered in Masilla, proves to be much broader and less understandable. Their academic knowledge soon fails them as the bright steel of their gifted swords becomes a new guiding light. Book One ends with sudden change and renewed need to elude pursuit. They decide to put themselves in the service of a woods-witch healer and her daughters, who is returning home to her people in the far Northwest along the shores of the Great Sea. They also share the rugged byways with a bardic druid and soon learn that nothing and no one are as simple as they may seem.

The print cover artwork

Voyages is available in print from the producer, CreateSpace, and Amazon, B&N and a bookstore near you. eBook Fans will find it in Kindle Format on Amazon and also in several eBook formats from Smashwords and in ePub format from Barnes & Noble and other sellers. The print version is almost ready for release. As always, we are happy to provide reader copies free to reviewers in genre. Contact information is to be found here.

The Gift grew out of my need to investigate and present the Roman World from the viewpoint of the highly educated, older established cultures that had to tolerate the heavy, Roman yoke. It also introduces the thought that quite possibly, the more diverse culture of the conquered barbarians was in some ways more advanced than that of the ascendant Roman culture and government. It thrusts academics from the Hellenic/Roman tradition into the more tolerant, gender neutral Celtic culture and teaches them that many roads lead to knowledge whether it is inscribed or not. I’d love to hear your comments and ideas that come from reading these books. Discussions are always welcome here, of course, but all comments will be moderated before posting.