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Sixteen years…

by Richard on September 11, 2017

Sixteen years. Time enough for reflection. Another crystalline September morning here on Long Island. To our South, a hurricane is roaring up Florida; but here, it’s still and beautiful. Exactly the way I remember that morning, all those years ago.

A few days ago, the local news remarked upon the passing of yet another FDNY firefighter before his time. He’d worked for weeks on the recovery effort in the “hole”, like so many others. Sadly, he contracted cancer from the toxic dust-laden air. The FDNY loss count today stands at 343 plus 159 since, of related diseases and complications. Here, it doesn’t fade into an historic event, but remains personal.

Such an incredibly effective evil. An Egyptian architecture student develops a psychotic obsession. He frames it in religious intolerance and in that way, attracts followers and financing. Time passes, and on a crisp September morning like this one, the world changes forever. Forever less than it had been, somehow. Reduced to fear and hatred. Have we learned from that terrible moment? Not very much. We feel it deeply and bury it when we can, but it will always remain. Sixteen years later, can I compare my feelings this morning to those following the terrifying news? Yes. I feel less hope now.

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  1. Richard, you make a good point. Collateral deaths from the toxic dust, untold PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and, after 16 years it seems as though the world has learned nothing. Compassion, peace… words for former generations.

    I have not yet lost hope for humanity, but my hope fades a little with each passing year.

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