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Standing Rock Pipeline Protest Update:

by Richard on November 27, 2016

There is evidence and an eyewitness account that November 14th at 2AM, the Protest Camps near the pipeline threatening Standing Rock’s water, were poisoned by unlit overflights. Crop Duster equipped helicopters were used to spray chemical agents within the circumferences of the camps. The video came without any vetting, so view it aware that it is a rough, un-documented video. Here it is. It speaks for itself. Those of us who remember the Wounded Knee Occupation of 1975 will not find this a surprising behavior for those who wish to destroy this legal opposition to a proven threat to downstream water.

For any who do not recall the Occupation, I suggest a reading of Peter Mattheissen’s great book, In The Spirit of Crazy Horse, which documents the entire Leonard Peltier case and the Occupation which created it. The video features the words of Candida Rodriguez Kingbird of Standing Rock Reservation. Originally posted to YouTube 11/14…


This video cannot be shared on Facebook and on related social network sites. All attempts to do so have resulted in the posts and even personal messages carrying it, taken down. Download it if you wish to share it and send it through emails. It has been thoroughly scanned to make sure it is virus/malware free, with the latest version of Avast Antivirus.

Additional reading: Kathy Peltier asking for presidential clemency for her father.


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