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The Red Gate


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The Red Gate has been selected as an awesome read by Awesome Indies‘ painstaking selection process.

March, 2014: Coinciding with Saint Padraig’s Day this year, I’ve released a brand new version of The Red Gate. I’ve added some tidbits, here and there and worked on the page design, especially better optimized for the print version and tightened up a bit, too. Anyone who has a previous copy can download the new eBook versions at Amazon for Kindle and at Smashwords for all eBook formats. I’ll announce the print version as soon as the proof has been checked and re-checked…

Here is the recently re-designed cover:



The Red Gate was honored by the Book Readers Appreciation Group, in February of 2013, with a medallion, for excellence.




All because of an unlucky fall in the mud…

On a damp day on the rugged Irish Mayo coast in August of 1911, a bored young shepherd falls into a terrifying, pasture sink-hole. As his father finally pulls him to safety, he finds something odd has come up in his muddy sleeve.  A very, very old bronze bead, covered with stick-writing. That ancient pre-Celtic bead and deeper discovery in their lower pasture reveals an archaic, myth-shattering secret and a promise right below their feet, binding them to the land. It also unleashes a devious threat to their home, their livelihood and their sheep. If Finn, the shepherd, was hoping that a bit of excitement might come into his simple life, he could never have seen how this single event would unfold. Nor with his lack of education, could he have imagined what the secret lying below his fields would mean for the rest of the world, if he could reveal it. Now he and his father must gather all their strength to protect their lives, and those they love from the Dublin academics and their mysterious henchman who will stop at nothing to take the land and turn the secrets to their own ends. Where can they turn for help? Is there any power in the world to withstand greed, arrogance and evil? Read The Red Gate and learn how the O’Deirgs and their allies protect their legacy, save their farm and learn where their strengths lie. (Click the cover image to read an excerpt of the opening chapters on AMAZON)

  • This book is available in Print and for  Kindle from Amazon.
  • It is also available in print and for Nook from Barnes & Noble
  • It is also available in all eBook formats from Smashwords and KoboBooks
  • Ask your local bookseller to stock the whole series


A Sampling of Reviews:

“The Red Gate is hard to lay down. A thoroughly intriguing story and character line. Richard Sutton’s unique personal style introducing different characters and situations, smoothly ties in the various threads and guides the story to unexpected conclusions. Whether from close research and study or from personal observation, Mr. Sutton has captured the Irish weather and the experience of muddy rutted roads in a skillful and authentic manner. His descriptions of the people and places are complete and accurate without being overdone. There is a subtle romantic thread running through the book; so understated in fact that the reader is unsure whether to take it seriously. Did they get together or not? . . . I’m not telling. A very enjoyable read. I am looking forward to the sequel.” Author Jarrel R. Jackson, BVI September, 2009

“One tragedy can be the start of everything. “The Red Gate” chronicles the lives of an Irish family after the death of one of their own. This one tragedy unravels everything for them, and their simple traditional life will never be the same again. “The Red Gate” is an intriguing read of Irish life, highly recommended.” Midwest Book Review, October, 2009

“I think I love the writing in this book even more than the story. It’s lyrical and descriptive and that alone made this book a joy to read. That being said: I also loved the story. It’s intriguing and suspenseful with very likeable as well as despicable characters. The viewpoint switches from time to time to give you an overall picture of events and I felt myself fuming when seeing things from the viewpoint of one of the characters I didn’t like. All in all Sutton managed to get me totally engrossed in the life of the O’Deirg family (especially Finn, my favourite character) and although the book luckily doesn’t have a cliffhanger ending, I’m curious what’s next for the O’Deirg family and their sheep.
Why should you read it: It’s a beautifully written, intriguing family saga.” Bersaba – The Netherlands, July 10, 2011

Many more reviews are available on Amazon. Add yours, today!

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