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Where does the fear of the others come from? Why the racism, the hatred?

troll96rgb-smAt what point did humanity learn to fear each other? To hate? Paleo-Anthropologist Ariel Connor thinks she knows. She just can’t prove it yet, but her newest find, high in a Norwegian Valley may give her the proof she needs. Those scary stories we’ve told our children to keep them from roaming too far outside the gleam of the porch light may have come from real incidents, many, many years ago. While Dr. Connor’s excavation continues, the story of what happened is slowly being revealed.

Two clans are converging on the remaining game lands. One will have to leave their homes, one will tell stories and sing songs of their own bravery. One people will disappear while another will bring their history into the modern world. One way of life will be lost, but does the better way endure? What have we learned from the ancients that would have been better forgotten?


Recent Reviews for Troll…

Incredible showcase-style review from The Review Group, complete with illustrations!

fivestars_smA thought provoking, sensitively told and believable story of a series of events that could have happened in the distant, prehistoric past, when two species of Homo Sapiens discovered each other in the far north of Scandinavia. Smashwords review by Chris, The Story Reading Ape

fivestars_smA thoughtful examination of what it means to be human, wrapped in an engaging exploration of two cultures that builds in suspense to a satisfying, if bittersweet, conclusion.

I found it very satisfying that this book depicts early humans as not so dissimilar from our ourselves. They may live in a very different environment, but they have the same needs and cares (for good and ill) as we do. Too many stories show them as too brutish, or too innocent. This story finds a good balance between the two.

Also appreciated, is that while the author is obviously very familiar with the archaeological details, they remain in the background, breathing life into the characters and setting, without overpowering the plot. Goodreads Review by Adriaan Brae

fourstars_smThis is as good a piece of prehistoric fiction as I’ve read. The characters are engaging and the story is gripping and plausible.

The author’s research is sound, and he’s left us leeway to believe that the ‘trolls’ may have survived long enough to be a vestigial memory in fairy tales. I like that.

The less entertaining take-away, of course, is the serious probability that some of our more unreasoning prejudices have very deep roots. Smashwords Review by Author Wendy Bertsch

fivestars_smThis is a well written and fantastic story, with excellent world building and well rounded characters. It’s a perfect example of the pain and suffering that can come from the fear based prejudices people are so often known for. Goodreads Review by Victoria Zigler

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